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Sweden MEETX Works towards Sustainability—From the Big Picture to the Details

The sustainability work and societal commitment of Sweden MEETX are founded on the progressive adaptation of operations and the endeavour to integrate sustainability into our range of products and services. We place explicit demands on our collaborators and actively strive to influence our customers’ own commitment to sustainability. All of these measures are driving factors behind our sustainability work, which in turn expedites continuous improvements both internally and externally.

A clear example is the 2,600 bags for the HLR congress in the picture above, which were made with ECO-certified materials and are Fairtrade-approved. Our aim is to lead our customers towards clever, sustainable choices in all conference-related decisions. That’s how we make a difference!

For MEETX, it is self-evident that an operation should be permeated by a sustainable approach. We economize resources and, to the greatest extent possible, use renewable natural resources in production and administration. We protect the environment by preventing or minimizing the operation’s environmental impact.

MEETX sees it as its duty to ensure that even the conferences we manage are, as far as possible, sustainably approved based on the customer’s needs. For that purpose, we have three focus areas: project management/consultation, facilities and marketing.

MEETX aims to promote an increased sustainability approach before, during and after conferences, and conducts daily work to safeguard that all of our suppliers, selected facilities, catering services, etc., deliver sustainable solutions and products.

MEETX strives to maintain sufficient expertise in order to be able to suggest the most sustainable solutions each time our services are requested in any relevant domain. Our customers can feel secure knowing that we continuously develop our services so that they harmonize with society’s various sustainability goals and also follow applicable laws pertaining to these goals.

MEETX works as a meeting consultant and aspires both to educate customers and to attract their attention to the process of sustainability certification for conferences. As the heading states, we also want to emphasize the details, i.e. to make our clients ask the question: What can I do to make my conference more sustainable?

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Sweden MEETX is part of The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Group and accordingly follows the Group’s sustainability policy—both when working internally and externally. This means that continuous focus falls on sustainability in all of the Group’s operations. Sustainability is pursued using a holistic approach based on ecological, social and economic sustainability.

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The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Group choose to support organisations and projects that work for good causes at a local level.

Our partners:
The Rescue Mission of Gothenburg helps people on the outer edges of society.
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Friends of El Sistema in Gothenburg is a voluntary organisation with roots in Venezuela, which uses music to create positive social change in children’s lives.
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