Inspiration from Konfex & Events

On the 4th & 5th February, we visited the exhibition Konfex & Events in Gothenburg and brought back lots of good news and updates from the industry but also a great deal of inspiration from the amazing speakers who were there.

At the fair given sample of Swedish speaking elite that we can help you contract for your next conference. The speaker who ended up as number one on our list after the fair was Navid Modiri – musician, creator and entrepreneur.

Navid Modiri is one of Sweden’s most sought after and acclaimed lecturer in creativity and we listened to his lecture “Everything is fake – be the one who will find on”. A fantastically inspiring lecture and as up to date in the current debate on the inclusion of one another. Navid calls for courage and creativity, and river walls between the audience, he gets people to listen to each other and talk to each other, for real.

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